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Preparing For the December “Battle”: 31 Things to Do Outside of Christmas Stuff

It’s the most wonderful time of the— wait a minute, not that song again. Have yourself a— no, no, no! I don’t celebrate… Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle rock! (Okay, now I admit that I like the do-wop catchy tune of that song).

Yes, it is that time of year again when every non-Christmas celebrating family is bombarded by a never-ending flow of jingles, baubles, and cookies galore. Coming from an interfaith background I grew up with both Christmas and Hanukkah. So I know all about ho-ho-ho, and nun, gimel, hay, and shin. I have had my gelt and eaten plenty of gingerbread. However, now I am a mom. I am a mother to a beautiful, inquisitive child who is learning all about the world. With each holiday season I often found myself internally conflicted. No doubt throughout the rest of the year I could celebrate the Jewish holidays with ease. (There isn’t much “competition” really. Even Easter doesn’t stack up to Purim). But Christmas is the Babe Ruth of holidays. And Hanukkah… well it gets pushed to the back aisle of every store. Or worse, we must order our things online! But I digress.

This year I made it my mission to tackle December and embrace the holidays in a whole new way. Hanukkah lasts 8 nights. For those 8 nights we will be flipping latkes, eating sugary delicious treats, and having schmaltz run through our veins. But what about the rest of the month? Our kids will see lights, Santa, and frosty on every corner. How do we keep them entertained? I compiled a list of 31 things to do once a day to beat the December holiday “battle”. What you’ll notice about this list is that once Hanukkah is over, try to embrace Winter as a whole! There are a ton of things to do during winter that don’t require sitting on Santa’s lap. Enjoy the list and have a wonderful day! ❤

December FREE Activity List!

  1. Watch “Eight Crazy Nights” by Adam Sandler

  2. Make Sufganiyot

  3. Cook potato pancakes (latkes!)

  4. Light the menorah

  5. Read the story of hanukkah as a family

  6. Watch “Frozen” as a family

  7. Watch “Rugrats Chanukah” movie

  8. Make a winter craft

  9. Play dreidal with gelt

  10. Take a horse and carriage ride

  11. See the holiday lights

  12. Make hot cocoa and watch Jack Frost

  13. Bake Winter cookies

  14. Have a slumber party as a family

  15. Make new year’s resolutions

  16. Donate to the local food bank

  17. Decorate the house for the holidays

  18. Go ice skating

  19. Sing along to a hanukkah playlist

  20. Read Hanukkah books

  21. Send out holiday e-cards

  22. Make homemade fudge

  23. Cook churros and chocolate

  24. Make rice crispie treats

  25. Eat Chinese food on Christmas Day! (Lol)

  26. Watch Disney’s “Brave”

  27. Make gingerbread cookies

  28. Cook kugel and brisket

  29. Roast s’mores by a fire

  30. Take a winter nature walk

  31. Go to a local parade