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Live Now List #6: Dance in the Rain

I live in a temperate climate. In fact, you could probably count on two hands the number of times that it actually rains here. Growing up in the Deep South, rain was a normal part of life. Nothing was more soothing then to fall asleep with the window open and rain falling down over your roof. (Where do you think the country songs got those lyrics from?). But here it is totally different. When it does happen to rain, people simply forget how to drive. Instead they become mesmerized with these tiny water-like objects falling from the sky as they stare in shock and awe. But I digress.

As parents we often have to say “No” to our kids. No you may not have a second helping of dessert. No I will not buy you a toy in the store today. No you cannot have candy from the gumball machine. No you may not hit your brother. The list goes on and on. Which is why when we say “Yes” it makes it that much sweeter. Dancing in the rain. This one was purely chosen as an activity for me and my little mensch. She didn’t know it, of course. But in a world where I am reminding her to brush her teeth and brush her hair…. this one was the complete opposite. So I waited for it to rain…. and waited…… and waited! I was beginning to worry that the year would finish out before we got so much as a sprinkle, when all of a sudden the forecast called for showers. (Cue me fist pumping in the air!).

As night time set in I watched the clouds intently. My little one came over and stood at the big window with me. “Mama…. do you think it’s going to rain?” she asked quietly. “One can only hope”, I said trying really hard to not give the surprise away. “Why do you want it to rain?” she asked and looked up at me. “You’ll see…” I said, and smirked down at her. Her blue eyes lit up and she grinned from ear to ear. Seeing my mischievous smile she knew something fun was in store. Finally night came. The clouds grew dark, and that little plop! plop! sound began to hit the roof. I did a happy dance in my living room and turned to finally share the good news with my daughter: It’s time to dance in the rain! She looked at me puzzled for a moment. “What?” she said, bewildered. “Get on your jacket! We’re going to dance in the rain!” I said, and beamed happily. “But we’ll get wet!” she protested. “Yes… ” I said, and bent down before her, “But that’s the point. We are going to jump in puddles. Stomp our feet. Dance beneath the clouds and just have fun!”.



You would have thought I said we won the lottery because she whooped and hollered with delight as she raced to grab her jacket. Stepping out into the night sky I stood shocked for a moment. It wasn’t just raining…. it was pouring! No Native American rain dance could have predicted this much good fortune. We were about to have an awesome time. Stepping into the rain I remembered how cold it was. Normally I would pull up my hood but instead I wanted to feel the rain against my skin so I took off my jacket. We danced along the sidewalk, singing our favorite tunes. We shimmied. We twirled, and we stomped in some ridiculously big puddles. Our sneakers were drenched but we were laughing and having an absolute blast. I looked down at my daughter and no amount of money could have given her the same satisfaction…. the same concrete experience of pure joy, like that of stomping in rain puddles.

Finally our hair stuck to our heads and my skin had goosebumps. It was time to come inside. In my child’s true fashion she said, “Awwww!” and reluctantly came inside to dry off. What an experience it was! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that stomping in puddles as a child would have been just as fun as stomping in them as an adult. But the best part was making memories with my little mensch. Those are things I will cherish for a lifetime. Take time to stomp in some puddles today. Have a wonderful day everyone! ❤

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