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Live Now List #49: Do a Somersault

There is a moment right before you do something that is scary where everything in you becomes still. Linger there too long and the feeling turns to fear. Fear that can paralyze you and make you second guess yourself. Sometimes you just have to let go… 

Back when I was in middle school there was a portion of gym class that was devoted to gymnastics. I hated it. As the fat girl in class I always feared injuring myself because I was unable to be as limber and graceful as all of the other girls. I have never been able to do a cartwheel. I never figured out why anyone would want to do a backhand spring. But there was one thing I could do: a somersault. There is that rush of adrenaline as you prepare yourself for the feeling of flipping upside down for a moment. You propel your body forward while pressing against the ground for support. Back then we had these flimsy mats that we tumbled across the hard gym floor.


Fast forward to today. I am a bit older and the thought of tumbling across a hard gym floor makes my muscles want to retreat. But I wanted to relive that feeling again. That feeling of just letting go of fears and worries and just… roll. I wanted the feeling of tumbling over and over, in a safe manner of course, and landing on my feet. So I planned it out. I was definitely going to protect my muscles and joints so I dragged a mattress out into the living room. The springy coils would provide enough cushion and bounce to allow my body to tumble and fall without fear of injury.

Yet still as I crouched down on the mattress my mind began to race a bit. What if I get injured? What if I panic and forget to press my hands against the mattress? What if in some freakish way I land on my head and suffer a neck injury??? Internally I was freaking out a bit. But then I took a deep breath and just threw myself forward. Tumbling feet over head I rolled and landed comfortably on the edge of the mattress, feet on the ground, and a huge grin on my face. I was totally fine! I was better then fine! I had somersaulted again! What I had completely forgotten over all these years was how much fun somersaulting was. After that first roll I did several more before getting my family involved.

How special and unique it was to relive something like that from my childhood. We all have those little moments in our youth where we feel happiness. We can recapture that again in our adulthood if only we were to slow down a bit and give it a try. Doing a somersault reminded me that you’re never too old to feel a bit of unconventional fun. Yes you might need to make some modifications, but that doesn’t mean you are permanently on the bench. Carpe Diem! Seize the day! Get out there and relive something special from your own childhood. Have a wonderful day everyone. ❤


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