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Noah (2014): Movie Review

I love movies. As a stereotypical suburban family, my husband and I have to get creative with “couple time”. So we decided to implement movie night, almost nightly, with each other. I like the idea because we get to alternate picking out movies. In other words, I get to sit through a ton of sci-fi and action movies and he has to suffer through documentaries and romantic comedies (lol). But I thought I’d share my cinematic adventures for all of you like-minded movie-loving people. So enjoy!


Alright last night I watched “Noah” (2014) for the very first time. I was skeptical because on the reviews it got horrible remarks and scores– 2.5 stars to be exact. Usually I wouldn’t even bother watching, but as my better half says, “let’s judge for ourselves”, so we did. And I’m very glad we did! I really liked this movie. I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars, here’s why:

1. The cast: Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, and Anthony Hopkins. C’mon… this star-studded cast really gets you “into” the movie as they portray an apocalyptic/biblical event.

2. The Plot: Now let me warn you, if you are starting this movie looking to watch a biblically accurate representation of the story of Noah… you’re going to be upset (hence all of the other remarks). But! If you go into this movie intent on watching the movie for what it is: A loose adaptation of Noah with some distorted facts, a bit of fantasy thrown in, and a splash of Hollywood effects… well then you’ll be satisfied and happy you watched it. In the beginning of the movie, I was a bit skeptical of how well the movie was going to be. But I’ll tell you, the Watchers really had me at “hello”. Taking a play from Peter Jackson’s playbook, these fallen angels (not evil) are closely resembled to the tree ents from “Lord of the Rings”. Who doesn’t love Treebeard?! I know I do. As the movie continues and the plot thickens you see, and almost feel, the struggle of Noah and his family as they follow the word of God.

3. The Effects: Hollywood goes a long way in this movie. The flood is pretty dramatic, yes, but even more so are the animals coming in pairs of two. (Cue animal roars and flocks of birds coming in droves). I was squirming as the reptiles slithered towards the ark. “Everything that flies, walks, and crawls is welcome” said Noah. And man, did they portray that well.

4. The Watchers: Angels that chose to leave Heaven and watch over Adam and Eve are punished by God and encrusted with rock and stone to hide their natural light. Fallen but not forgotten, these angels play a huge role in the turn of events. While I’m not sure how accurate-to-the-Bible they are… they are a great part of the movie.

All in all I would recommend this movie for anyone 13 years and up. It is a movie well worth watching, so don’t let other movie reviewers remarks cloud your judgment. Watch it for yourself! Have a great day everyone! ❤

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