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Live Now List #38: Meditate in a Quiet Spot

Years ago I remember taking a meditation class. As I sat in a studio with a group of other people the instructor began guiding us in a calm, soothing voice. Every now and then she would gently hit a gong and the vibrations would echo across the room. I enjoyed the deep breathing, and I loved the stillness of the room… but my mind always seemed to wander. Apparently this pretty common among people new to meditation. Building up your attention span and focus during meditation takes practice. So I put it on my Live Now List to try and meditate in a quiet spot. I wanted to really give meditation a chance.

Shell Beach 1

In my local community there are two types of weather: cool and hot. In the mornings the marine layer rolls in and all the world is clouded in fog. The stillness of the morning is draped in heavy dew and just breathing in the air feels so fresh. Everything is cold, quiet, and calm. Then as the Sun begins to peak, the fog dissipates and everything becomes so bright. The world begins to stir and everyone just craves to be outside. It’s a stark contrast.

I decided to try and experience meditation in a couple of different ways. First, I decided to just sit outside in one of my favorite spots. Being outside in the early morning hours, I felt a sense of gratitude. Breathing deeply I inhaled the cool air and gave thanks for time. Time is the most precious thing in the world. The ocean crashed against the shore and I was able to be still and really hear its power. The waters are so beautiful, and dangerous– the ocean is something to truly appreciate and respect. Being outside in the calm of the morning allowed me to center myself. I felt grounded and aware. Yes, my mind wandered a bit here and there… but I just focused on the sounds of nature to bring me back to the present.

Currently I am reading several books, one of which is the Dalai Lama’s book, “My spiritual Journey” (if you don’t have it– get it… it’s awesome). In it, His Holiness states that all people are human beings first and foremost. At our core, we all crave love. At our center, we all need love. Therefore, we should all strive to live a life of love. Love and respect all people and things. This is the basis of humanity. It was in this state of mind that I sat in meditation.

Then I came home and decided to try a guided meditation on Youtube. I decided to try a “10 Minute Guided Meditation for Positive Energy”. I figured that 10 minutes is probably my maximum limit right now for holding a steady attention span during meditation. So I began watching this video. Honestly? I really enjoyed it. The deep breathing helped me relax. The voice in the video was a bit overpowered by the music, but I didn’t really mind. I could still understand her just fine and the positive messages were nice to listen to. Overall, I think meditation is something I could incorporate more into my life and reap the benefits from. I hope you all give meditation a try and until then, have a fantastic day! ❤



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