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Live Now List #9: Watch a Sunrise

I’m not really a morning person. Lord knows I try to be, but in truth, I’m not. I have no problem waking up when need be, and I’m not a particularly grumpy person in the morning… I just tend to lean towards the “waking up naturally” side of the sleeping spectrum. However, when compiling my Live Now List I figured that watching a sunrise would be nice. It makes me chuckle when I think about it. Around my area, especially in the summer, when the sun begins to set people will pull off the road and watch it slowly fade over the ocean. Now I admit, it’s pretty to look at. The sky fills with a multitude of colors and this tiny, burning glow slowly dips into the ocean until– poof!– it’s gone for the day. There are plenty of nice restaurants in the area that offer stunning views of a sunset.

But as silly as it might sound, I’m a “you see it once, why would you see it again?” kind of gal. I’m not going to stand there gawking at the sunset or even sunrise over and over again. However there was a reason that watching a sunrise made my bucket list. I am thankful to have another day of life. It’s that simple: gratitude.


So in the wee hours of the morning I marched out into my local park and began to walk along the sidewalks. “Damn it’s cold out here…”, I thought to myself and squinted into the morning darkness. In the distance I heard ducks quacking as they woke up and dove into the pond. Birds began chirping as they bustled in their nests and the sky began to get lighter. My normally very busy park, was still and silent. It was really nice. As I found a stone bench to sit on and watch the sun rise I remembered why I was here. Life is truly beautiful. I am thankful for every day that I am given.

When we stop and think about the mortality of life it can feel a bit depressing. But instead of looking at life as a “glass half empty” kind of thing, let’s look at it another way. Regardless of your age, here and now, you are alive. You are breathing, smiling, and living. Here and now you have a chance to mold your day. It may be a good day or a bad day but it is a day. Time stands still for no one, but every day is a gift to be cherished.


So as the sun rose up over the trees I smiled and took a breath of cool, fresh air. Thank you G-d for the ability to be in the here and now. Thank you for blessing me with the ability to love and be loved. Thank you for time and all that I’m given. May you grant peace and serenity to all those who are hurting. And G-d… please give me the patience and intellect to solve this Rubik’s Cube. (It’s a wee bit tricky 😉 ) Amen.

Have a wonderful day everyone! ❤


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