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Live Now List Challenge #59: Solve a Rubik’s Cube

The other day I was walking through Toys R Us with my child. It is amazing how many new toys are out on the market. It seems these days everything is digital. Digital pets, robots, cars, you name it! When I was a child things were a bit different. It makes me chuckle when I read those “You know you grew up in the 90 when” posts, because I can completely relate to them. Reflecting on my own childhood I came up with my Top 10 Favorite Toys as a Child:

1. Rubik’s Cube

2. Magic 8 Ball

3. Skip It!

4. The Original Game Boy (yes it was in black and white back then)

5. Slip n’ Slide

6. Bucket Stilts

7. Barbies

8. 3D View Master

9. Super Soaker Water Guns

10. Trolls

My time starts... now!
My time starts… now!

I have always wanted to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Since I was a child I had seen the small, plastic colorful toy on the shelves. Yet I lacked the patience needed to fiddle with it until completion. Now as an adult I’d like to sit down and really take my time in solving one. Is there a strategy to it? Well, in fact there are entire guides designed to helping you solve a Rubik’s Cube! There are even people who participate in “speed cubing” (solving a Rubik’s Cube as fast as possible). Me? I’ll just be happy with solving one. My husband reminisced about the time he tried to solve one as a child and ended up smashing the cube and putting it together according to color. (Sorry honey but I think that is cheating, lol).

Perhaps this tiny, old-fashioned toy is more of a brain exercise that forces a person to be zen. In a world where everything is connected online, my hope is that this toy allows for time to disconnect, challenge the brain, and just unwind. Let’s see how long it takes me to complete! Have a great day everyone!


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