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Au Revoir Passover!

As Passover draws to a end for the year I am taking a moment to reflect on what I’ve learned. Pesach has reminded me to be humble, and thankful for all that I have. Never had I have to walk across a desert to reach freedom. Never have I been put in a situation where my rights as a citizen have been violated. So today, I am thankful for having life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In a world where life can be taken away in the blink of an eye, I am thankful for time. Such a precious, intangible thing that is so often taken for granted. I an immensely thankful for the hours, minutes, and seconds I spend with my loved ones. I look at my family and feel like my life is truly complete. They say that love is measured not in how much money you earn, but by the number of times you laugh, sing, dance, and dream. Moses followed the word of G-d despite all odds. Did he ever have reservations? Did he dream of a life where the Jewish people would be free? In the face of such adversity G-d protected our people and lead them to freedom in the Promised Land. So today, I am remembering to measure my life in how I spend the quality of time.

Matzo Brei (fried matzah)
Matzo Brei (fried matzah)

Passover has taught me to be disciplined. Long ago before corporate companies dominated the food industry there wasn’t even a food industry! Our people fled Egypt with unleavened bread and searched for life anew. On Passover we eat matzah to remember the struggle on having to leave everything with such haste. What discipline it must have taken to leave everything you have behind! All week we have had to turn away from kitniyot and chametz and eat only things that are kashrut (kosher). So today, I am taking a moment to savor the sweetness of matzah brei and be thankful for the discipline that Pesach instills in us each year.

Before I go crawl into the bed and snuggle up with my little one to watch “The Prince of Egypt” as our annual Passover tradition, I will leave you with this final thought: If Passover teaches us anything, it is that no one should be oppressed. The story of the Exodus, G-d’s divine intervention in Moses’ life from birth through adulthood… all of it is truly a miracle. But people today are still being oppressed. G-d has given us the tools, the mental capacity, and the wisdom to stand up for others. He has taught us right from wrong and so it is time for us to fight against injustice. May these invaluable lessons we learn each Passover stick with us, and our children throughout the many years to come. Until tomorrow everyone! Have a wonderful evening. ❤

The last meal of Passover 2015!
The last meal of Passover 2015!

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