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Why I Chose to Get Rid of My TV

I sat in my room and looked at my blank flat screen TV. I admit that for many, many years I have enjoyed watching reality TV. As an adolescent I remember watching MTV (when MTV really had music on it) and gushed over Carson Daly. Then MTV started showing “The Real World” and “Road Rules” and I was hooked. While I have managed to stay away from cable for quite a long time, (seriously who still pays for that?) I have still succumbed to my favorite shows through internet streaming or pay-per-episode watching.

In the age of iPads, computers, and streaming to your television…. when is enough, enough? For a while now I have felt that there is an over-saturation of technology in today’s society. There comes a point when children know how to navigate the internet but find reading books boring. Or perhaps Apps and games look “cool” while classic toys look less interesting. Regardless, I said to myself, “Okay enough is enough, and the change must start with me”. So I unsubscribed from all of the movie sites. I cancelled my programs and stocked up on the books.



I don’t know what the future holds as far as technology is concerned. Recently I read about a car by Mercedes that is set to debut in 2016 that can drive itself! The Jetsens weren’t very unrealistic were they? (Kuddos to you if you remember who The Jetsens were). I probably sound like a fuddy-duddy who is lamenting about an ever-changing world and not being able to keep up with it. I guess I just feel that, not all change in the world is good. Yes, TV can be beneficial and I can rattle off to you several television programs that are educational and are great for children. But I can also link to you statistics about how too much TV can relate to increased rates of obesity, smaller attention spans, etc. In the end, it is up to each family to decide what it right for their brood.

All I know is in my home, I choose for us to live organically. I want my child to have concrete experiences. Yes, understanding how to navigate a computer and typing is important as a life skill. But I do not want my child on social media. I do not want my child to get sucked into the world of texting, and I refuse to have her grow up with her eyes glued to a screen. Life is too beautiful and precious to lose moments wasted on digital… junk. So I put away the TV. And you know what? We are pretty darn happy. What do you think? Would you cut down (or even put away) the TV in your home?


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