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My 2015 Live Now List

Several days ago I discussed creating a Live Now List to boost not only my happiness, but my mindfulness with life. In other words, I want to embrace life to the fullest and really live. As I complete each task I will write 2 posts on this blog: 1 post will be my challenge or pre-item post. There I will express my fears, excitement, and general feelings towards the task at hand. Then I will do a reflection post afterward with how my bucket list item impacted my life. I have no doubt these items will shape, mold, and change my thinking along the way.

So what happens when I reach all 100 items? I will write another Live Now List! 🙂 Life doesn’t stop turning simply because I’ve reached the end of my list. These are simply the first 100 things I wish to do to better enrich my life and that of my family’s life too. So here is my Live Now List! I hope you draw inspiration for your own Live Now List and begin diving into life in a new, creative way today.

My Live Now List

  1. Travel outside of the country
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Achieve your ideal weight
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Take up a new sport
  6. Dance in the rain
  7. Go scuba diving or snorkeling
  8. Learn a strategy game
  9. Watch the sunrise
  10. Let someone know how much he/she means to you
  11. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone
  12. Perform a kind deed for a stranger
  13. Start your business
  14. Do volunteer work
  15. Get a drink for a stranger
  16. Run barefoot
  17. Witness a solar eclipse
  18. Go stargazing
  19. Plant a seed and watch it grow
  20. Get a pet
  21. Publish a book
  22. Give your child an amazing birthday
  23. Get a complete makeover
  24. Further your education
  25. Play a new musical instrument
  26. Play the lottery
  27. Go on a road trip
  28. Knit a scarf
  29. Make a homemade meal for your loved ones
  30. Bake a cake for someone special
  31. Go deep into the heart of Mother Nature
  32. Fly a kite
  33. Fall asleep outside
  34. Try Veganism for 21 days
  35. Try Raw Veganism for 21 days
  36. Fold 1,000 origami cranes
  37. Conquer your biggest fear
  38. Meditate in a quiet spot
  39. Experience an out-of-body experience
  40. Join a movement you believe in.
  41. Go on a picnic
  42. Get closure on any past unhappiness
  43. Visit a volcano
  44. Ride a roller coaster
  45. Go on a scenic drive
  46. Fall in love
  47. Be in a conscious, fulfilling relationship
  48. Eat bibimbap out of a hot stone bowl
  49. Do a somersault
  50. Change the world
  51. Help someone in need
  52. Learn sign language
  53. Eat at a 5-star restaurant
  54. Go camping
  55. Kiss someone in the rain
  56. Tell someone the story of your life
  57. Build a time capsule
  58. Send a message in a bottle
  59. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  60. Go to a holi festival
  61. Help teach my child to sew
  62. Go sailing
  63. Attend a mardi grais festival
  64. See The Nutcracker Ballet
  65. Go zorbing
  66. Start drinking green tea on a regular basis
  67. Learn to read sheet music
  68. Sing karaoke
  69. Attend a baseball game
  70. Create a source of passive income
  71. Create a family tree
  72. Take up mindfulness meditation
  73. Try Escargot
  74. Try raw oysters
  75. Try Ethiopian Cuisine
  76. Cook with black truffles
  77. Eat Peking Duck
  78. Try Fondue
  79. Get a tattoo
  80. Ride in a cable car in San Francisco
  81. Attend Chinese New Years Festival
  82. Make a clay pot
  83. Eat frog legs, gumbo, and shrimp
  84. Go geocaching
  85. Meet a new friend
  86. Attend a Scottish Highland Gathering
  87. Finish a corn maze
  88. Make a family scrapbook
  89. Start a family Hanukkah tradition
  90. Write a song or movie
  91. Ride in a surrey
  92. Make a tie dye shirt
  93. Break open a pinata
  94. Get a pair of white canvas shoes and draw on them
  95. Make a family mural drawing on butchers paper.
  96. Learn to use chopsticks properly.
  97. Take my daughter on a mother-daughter “date”
  98. Go to a summer concert
  99. Make pasta from scratch
  100. Renew my wedding vows

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