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Man Plans, and God Laughs

“I’ve got this…. I’ve got this…” I whispered softly to myself, yesterday morning as I began preparing the Passover brisket. Earlier this week I was running all over town getting the last bits of ingredients and things I needed for my seder. I am a woman of lists, so despite having typed up an original list, there were handwritten scribbles of extra things I suddenly remembered all over it.

As we dashed from store to store I kept checking things off until finally the sun was beginning to set, and everything was purchased. Following this recipe that reminded me so much of the brisket my Mom makes at home, I carefully began chopping the onions to place on top of the roast. “Mom!” my angel called, bouncing into the kitchen, “I am going to ask the Four Questions, right?”. “Right” I said, chopping the onions and looking over at her every now and then. “What are they again?” she asked. Again I looked away and began to think… and chop… Ouch! The kitchen knife sliced my finger. The next 120 seconds were a flurry of cold water and a good ol’ fashioned Band-Aid. “Okay, Mommy needs to focus right now. Then we will talk about the Four Questions, okay?” I said, frowning at my finger. My daughter skipped off dreaming of what the Afikomen “prize” might be.

Now onto the Potato Kugel. I froze in fear. I forgot the potatoes. I actually forgot to buy potatoes for potato kugel! How does that happen? I smacked my forehead and quickly sent my DH a text message, “Honey I need you to pick up potatoes… stat!”. A bell chimed a moment later, “roger roger 😉 ” he replied and I chuckled. Oh well, I’ll move onto the dessert for now. I thought about making a flourless Chocolate Cake like I’ve seen so many times, but feeling adventurous I decided to make a raw Vegan dessert for Passover. This recipe in Green Kitchen Stories made my mouth water. Kosher-for-Passover Vegan “Cheesecake”. They call it Flower Power Cake which made me chuckle and like it even more. Soaked Cashews form the filling, along with lemon and spices. (I added a bit of plain Greek Yogurt to thicken the consistency and add a punch of flavor). Nuts, seeds, and dates blended form the crust, and frozen crushed raspberries freeze over the top for a fruity, delicious, and very healthy dessert!

My Flower Power Cake!
My Flower Power Cake!


Except for the part where I somehow forgot to purchase dates too. I scrambled sending my husband a flurry of messages, “O.M.G. I forgot dates too! I think you’ll need to go to Costco. Message me when you’re there and I’ll tell you where they are in the store, OK?”

Finally he chimed back.

“I’m here! Anything else that you need, Dear?”. How is he so patient?

“Not that I can think of but let me see…”. I paused and really double checked all of my recipes.

“Take your time, I’m just enjoying the free samples” he said.

“Make sure they don’t conflict with Passover!” I said, though I couldn’t help but smiling.

“I think God is laughing at this point.” My husband replied, in his true humorous fashion.

“Yeah… I think so too.”


So finally everything was cooked. The brisket smelled heavenly. The potato kugel was crisp and enormous. ( I will have leftovers for days!). The salad was tossed and ready to go. And my delicious Flower Power Cake was chilled in the freezer and ready to be devoured. We set our simple Seder table and began reading out loud from our Haggadahs. As I sang along to “Dayenu”, (Yes, after much begging we did use The Maccabeats version), I smiled from ear to ear. This is what Passover is all about. We were slaves in Egypt, but now we are free! Free to enjoy seeing our children, our spouses, and our friends all gathered together in love and peace. Free to eat delicious food. What a beautiful thing it is to be free…



Chag Sameach Everyone! I hope your first night of Passover was wonderful! 🙂


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