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The 2015 Passover Must-Have Resource List!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

It’s the day before Pesach and there is so much to do! If you’re busy getting rid of chametz and building a menu for your loved ones I bet you feel the same way I do– busy and focused! But never fear, I have been compiling a list of some great recipes, fun printables, and even a Haggadah pdf, to make your life just a tiny bit easier (and mine more organized!). I hope as we all begin Passover tomorrow at sundown that you pause to reflect on the special moments with your family. I hope that you eat delicious food, sing all of our favorite songs, (and even some new ones too!), and create memories that will last a lifetime. Have an amazing day and keep smiling!


2015 Passover Resource List:

Printable Haggadah:

“Oranges and Olives” is a great Modern Haggadah that is long enough to cover every section (approx. 1 hr. worth of content) while still respecting people outside of Judaism. Written by a woman who was the director of Religious Education at a Reform synagogue, and is now the head of Jewish Education at a Unitarian Universalist Church, this Haggadah is perfect for interfaith families to use and follow along.

Not feeling an Interfaith Haggadah? Or perhaps you want something short and sweet? Check out this list of FREE printable Haggadahs from all sorts of Jewish sites and find the one that works best for you! :

Short Passover Seders – Free Online Pesach Haggadahs


Food/ Recipe Articles and Ideas for Passover:

1. Creamy Sorrel Soup with Harissa Recipe from Modern Jewish Cooking

2. Smoked Salmon Crepe Recipe for Passover

3. Matzo Granola Recipe from Modern Jewish Cooking

4. 8 Passover Desserts for a Sweet Seder

5. Passover Sweets use Fresh Nut Meals for a Rich, Flavorful Batter

6. Matzo Brei Recipes for Passover, or Whenever the Mood Strikes

7. Vegan Flower Power Cake for Passover (Raw Vegan Dessert)

Flower Power Cake

8. 5 healthy, Kid-Friendly Passover Dessert Recipes

9. 25 Vegetarian Recipes for Your Passover Seder


Great Websites with FREE Passover Printables for Kids: 

1. A Jewish Homeschool Blog:

2. Torah Tots: Pesach Is Here!

3. Jewish Printables for Kids:


Great Movies for Passover: 

1. The Prince of Egypt

This classic Disney movie re-tells the biblical story of the Exodus while keeping things simple. The music is out-of-this-world good, and it truly reflects the oppression and liberation of the Jewish people accurately. Definitely a must-see during Pesach. Rated: PG

2. Patch Adams

Who doesn’t love a great Robin Williams movie? (May he R.I.P.). When teaching children about the meaning of Passover and why we still celebrate the holiday, it is great to incorporate some of the themes of Passover into our lives. Having compassion for others is one theme that we can learn from Passover, and “Patch Adams” is a fantastic movie that teaches children to help others no matter where or what they look like. (Note: This movie might be a little too much for very young children. Use at your own discretion). Rated: PG-13

3. Earth to Echo 

This 2014 movie is about a group of kids who are normally considered the “outcasts” in their school. One night they find a robot that falls from outer space and who longs to go home. (Think, a new updated E.T.). So these group of kids get creative to help Echo, their friendly robot, find a way home. In the process, they learn a little bit about love and friendship. This movie would be a nice movie to show children when teaching about freedom. Rated: PG


Music for Passover:

What is a seder without music?! 😀 I have compiled 2 music lists for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy both a traditional list and a modern one. Chag Sameach!

Traditional Music:

Modern Music:




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