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$50 Budget Recipe #2: Spinach and Artichoke Wonderpot

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I cooked Mujaddara (a Lebanese rice and lentil dish) as part of my $50 budget cooking challenge. Tonight I made the Italian dish, Spinach and Artichoke Wonderpot. Wow was it delicious! I’ll admit that during the weeknights, especially after my child’s extracurricular activities, I have little time or energy to cook. I was drawn to this Vegetarian meal because of it’s simplicity but also because of the total cooking time: 20 minutes.

Beth from Budget Bytes originally posted this wonderpot recipe over on her blog and calculated the total cost for all the ingredients to be: $8.05. How fantastic is that?! The only modification that I made to this recipe was, I did not have Feta cheese on hand to add as a garnish. Instead, I used Cotija cheese and it worked perfectly! Yay for improvising!

Spinach & Artichoke Wonderpot
Spinach & Artichoke Wonderpot


Alright so here are the ingredients:

-Fettuccine (1 box)

– 5 cups of Vegetable broth

– 1 can of diced tomatoes, liquid removed

– 1 small package of frozen spinach

– 1 package of button (white) mushrooms

– 1 (14 oz.) can of Artichoke hearts

– 1 yellow onion

– a dash of oregano

– a dash of thyme

– salt and pepper to taste

– 2 tbsp. olive oil

For cooking instructions please see Beth’s recipe for Spinach and Artichoke Wonderpot.

Alright now for the most important part: How does it taste? This main dish is light in flavor. Mind you it is not bland. The oregano and thyme resonate through the dish, along with the diced tomatoes to create a simple marinara-esque broth that is both pleasurable and not overbearing. As someone who is accustomed to strong flavors I had to adjust to such a light dish. But I would definitely cook this dish again for several reasons:

1. It is family approved: My whole family had seconds on this pasta dish. (Even my D.H. had thirds lol)! But it was nice to see everyone diving into the entree so eagerly.

2. It is budget friendly: Nothing in this dish was extravagant to purchase at the store. The most expensive item was the can of artichoke hearts which I purchased for $2.99.

3. It is fast to cook: As I stated previously, during the weekdays I need fast, healthy recipes. This meal covered both of those needs.

4. It is Vegetarian: My family and I tend to eat more plant-based meals. While it has been a while since we indulged in a pasta dish, I love dinner meals that are loaded with delicious vegetables.

I hope you all head on over to Budget Bytes and give this recipe a try. Have a wonderful day everyone! Until next time ❤


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