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The Great Macaroon Debate

For some time now I have heard of the “Joy of Kosher” website. It’s a fabulous little site to find recipes and holiday ideas by Jamie Geller. With Passover almost upon us I find myself scrambling to put together a menu that reflects my inner foodie but remains true to staples that I have loved since I was a child. As I sat with pen and paper in hand I was staring at the word “dessert” for a while drawing a complete blank. Do I go the traditional route and have macaroons? Or do I go ultra-modern with the new Matzo-S’mores that are the latest Passover trend?

I admit that there are certain times when I feel almost overwhelmed by the culinary choices out there for each holiday. Passover has been no exception. It seems like every time I turn around there are new articles screaming, “Cook this!” or “Eat that!” for Pesach. So I took a deep breath and headed into my local grocery store.

As I meandered down the Kosher aisle I saw several types of macaroons. I knew there was coconut (traditional) and chocolate chip (my favorite as a child) … but Red Velvet Macaroons? What? Now I will admit that I have always had a secret love of red Velvet Cake. I try and eat a bit healthier these days, but I couldn’t resist trying these macaroons. How would they stack up to the original coconut macaroon? Would it be worth the money spent? So I decided to do a taste-test and write all about it!


The Red Velvet Macaroons weren’t at all what I had expected. There are now frozen cupcakes with cream cheese frosting fillings so I suppose my brain thought that the cream cheese flavor would resonate somewhere in these tiny confections. However I was mistaken. The Red Velvet Macaroons were more crunchy and had the consistency of a cookie rather then a macaroon. They also had a slight “burnt” after-taste which I did not find pleasant. The one thing that I was looking for in these macaroons was that slightly sweet, red velvet flavor. I felt that it lacked an overall flavor. The coconut was drowned out by all of the other ingredients trying to mock red velvet cake. Overall, it lacked in every aspect and I was sadly disappointed. I don’t even think pairing these macaroons with a homemade cream cheese frosting would make them much more edible.

The classic coconut macaroon by Gefen was much more tasty. This simple Passover dessert is everything you expect from a macaroon. Full of sweet, coconut flavor that is not too rich but just enough to keep your hand reaching into the can again and again. Despite the bottom of the cookies being a deep, golden brown there was no burnt after-taste. Overall the macaroon tasted lighter and much more enjoyable. While both brands were Kosher-for-Passover there was a clear “winner” in which product I would go back and purchase again.

Perhaps this year at my seder I will have a balance of both classic Coconut Macaroons and something more modern. What are you having for dessert at your seder? Have a great day everyone!


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