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A FREE Passover App for Jewish Kids!

It always amazes me how proficient today’s children are with technology. I remember when I was a child, my family finally got a computer. They had to hook it up into the phone jack and we listened to that “dial up” sound as we waited to be connected to the mysterious internet! My how times have changed. Now my own child can navigate around an iPad like it’s an extension of her body, and she is slowly mastering her favorite kid websites.

So naturally with every Jewish holiday, I try and see what new bits of technology and programs are out there for Jewish families. One of my favorite companies, G-dcast, has created a FREE app for iTunes called, “Let’s Get Ready for Passover”. In this simple, fun app children can explore around an animated house and get rid of all items that are not kosher-for-Passover.

A must have app for every Jewish family!
A must have app for every Jewish family!

If you enjoy this app, I also encourage you to visit the G-dcast website. There you will find links, apps, and videos created by them for the whole family to enjoy. Here is their latest video to teach young children about the story of Passover. Enjoy everyone!



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