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How Are You Preparing Your Child For Passover?

Hello everyone!

This week is the week before Pesach begins. There is much to do. Clean the house, get rid of all chametz, and prepare LOTS of delicious kosher-for-Passover goodies! I really enjoy having a seder every year with my family. Growing up in the Deep South, Jewish Cuisine took a character all on it’s own. Recently I read an article, “What Is Jewish Southern Food?” and it made me smile.

Jewish Southern food, especially for Passover, has a flair that is completely unique. Smoked salmon and Brisket were common items to see around my family’s home during the holidays. Everyone swooned at the taste of my grandma’s chopped liver and onions and ate it eagerly with matzah. While I have my own seder table now, I will still be implementing many of the recipes from my childhood I love so much. (More on that in my Passover posts!)

In the meantime, it is just as important to educate our young children on why we celebrate Passover. Yes, we will be watching “The Prince of Egypt” as part of our annual tradition. And yes, my child can recite the biblical story forward, backward, and everything in between. But I wanted to take the meaning of freedom a bit deeper. What does it mean to be free?


Freedom is something we all often take for granted. In Judaism we are often called to stand up on behalf of those who have no voice. We stand up against injustice. We stand up to help make the world a better place. Still today in 2015 many people do not live in freedom. In Africa, men, women, and children are slaughtered by Boko Haram. In Indonesia, thousands of Burmese (Myanmar) immigrants are taken into slavery and worked brutally aboard fishing boats to send seafood into the global market. It is 2015… and still we have slavery. Still these people do not have freedom.

So this year at my seder table we will be discussing gratitude for all that we have, and how we can help others in the world. My family will pray for those suffering all around the world, and pray that they one day find peace and freedom.

Have a wonderful, thoughtful, day everyone. Hug your loved ones and keep smiling. Until next time!

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