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Big Hero 6 Teaches Jewish Values

“Hello. I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion”.

"Fluffy baby... fluffy baaaaaby"".
“Hairy baby… Hairy baaaaaby””.

I definitely needed Baymax this past week. As the first day of Spring came and went I knew it was truly Spring when the pollen hit the air and my entire family began coughing and sneezing. I love Spring just as much as the next person, but being sick is just not fun. So my apologies on the delay of this post.

If you’ve been following along in my blog, you’d know that every Saturday we take time as a family to disconnect and have “family day”. This Shabbos was a bit different. Laying in bed with a runny nose, and a deep cough I wondered, “How am I going to celebrate Shabbat this week?”. I knew we would light the candles. And I knew there was going to be store-bought Challah. But would we go out? My body just wasn’t feeling strong enough. So ultimately we brought family day inside!

I decided that watching a movie as a family together would be the perfect thing to keep everything low-key but still get quality time together. Thankfully had “Big Hero 6” for Instant Viewing Rental for $5.99. (That sure beats the movie theater, huh?). What I didn’t expect was this movie would be as amazing as Wall-E, AND it would give an obvious Jewish lesson in the process.

Set in futuristic San Francisco, Hiro Hamada and his brother Tadashi are robot fanatics and geniuses who use their intelligence to help change the world for the better. After a series of unfortunate events Hiro “meets” Baymax, the friendly personal healthcare robot, designed by his big brother Tadashi. What Hiro doesn’t expect is that Baymax becomes far more then just a robot. He becomes a friend, mentor, and role model. Baymax demonstrates throughout the movie just what true love and kindness is all about.

In Judaism we have the saying “hab rachmones” (pronounced Hub- Rach- Mones). It means, “to have mercy”. Big Hero 6 teaches children that sometimes life can be unfair. Sometimes things happen that we cannot explain and then we are left with emotional pain. But it’s how we deal with the pain that matters. Baymax teaches Hiro that one should “have mercy” even to those who don’t necessarily deserve it.

This movie is 1 hr and 48 min of cinematic genius. I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD. It will definitely be a great addition in our home. I hope you all go see and enjoy the movie soon. Have a great day everyone!

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