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Knowing When to Slow Down

A close friend of mine recently told me, “When I’m in the shower I often put my cell phone into a plastic, Zip Lock bag. That way, I can text AND shower at the same time!”. I looked at him for a moment and stared blankly. Several things crossed my mind:


1. How does one scrub your hair and text message at the same time? Sure, it might be relaxing to stand in a spray of warm, water while texting LOL to your friend but is it really that necessary?

2. What if you are in an intense conversation and you are mid-scrub and you gasp and soap or shampoo gets in your eye? G-d knows sometimes I get shampoo in my eyes if I am rushing in the morning let alone if I am multi-tasking in the shower!

3. How do you physically hold onto your phone when your hands are soapy? I am picturing him standing there grasping onto the bag before it goes shooting through his fingers and flying onto the shower floor. Am I right? Doesn’t that sound a bit dangerous for the phone? What if the bag leaks?! Eep! That would be a fun story to explain to the Apple employee…. lol.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there is a time and a place for everything. Take a breath and slow down. Know when it is time to disconnect and when it is time to chat. Let yourself have a few precious minutes to scrub, lather, and regroup for the day. While it may be fun to R.O.F.L. and L.O.L. at the latest meme or Facebook post, your body will thank you for taking time to slow down. 

Have a peaceful Monday everyone!

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