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A Great Passover Book for Kids!

With each Jewish holiday that rolls around, I am always looking for ways to get creative at home. Raising a child outside of the synagogue is no easy task so as Jewish “home-shuling” parents we need tools and resources to make learning about our faith and culture fun for our children. “A Sweet Passover” by: Leslea Newman is a fantastic book for Passover! I recently picked this book up at Barnes and Noble but you can find it on Amazon too.


In the book, little Miriam loves everything about Passover. From baking to singing the Four Questions, she adores it all. All of her family comes over and the week of Passover begins. In a sing-song rhyming format this book reveals the many ways one can eat matzah. My child absolutely loved hearing this book as a bedtime story last night, (especially since we just bought a huge multi-pack box of matzah to prepare for Passover). The colorful full-page pictures kept her little eyes intrigued and as Miriam began to grow tired of matzah her Grandpa swooped in and saved the day with a special Jewish Passover recipe. (Yes, the recipe is included too!).

So pick up this book for your family this Pesach and enjoy making matzah brei together in the kitchen. I think your little ones will thank you for it. Have a great day everyone!

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